Board Goals


Goal 1: In order to promote positive partnerships, the ASD Board will improve communication
and outreach between students, parents, school staff, and the community stakeholders by
June, 2018, as measure by pre and post survey data

  • Quarterly meetings of the ASD Board Communication Committee
  • Launch a new ASD web site
  • Monthly ASD Board Workshops to take place in different schools allowing for a 30 minute public “coffee talk” with the board
  • Implementation of a district calendar on the ASD web site
  • Explore adaptive measures for committee minutes to reflect meeting details

Goal 2: In an effort to successfully support the educational programs and student achievement of the Augusta School Department, the ASD Board will review and analyze data that will inform decision making related to Board policies and student programming on an ongoing basis.

  • Quarterly reports on attendance, behavior, bullying incidents, and suspensions by school buildings will be reviewed at a ASD Board Business meeting
  • Annual presentations of graduation, drop out rates and test data will be reviewed by the
  • Board
  • Evaluate by June, 2018, whether data presented met the needs of the Board

Goal 3: In an effort to provide oversight of the school department’s financial, facility, and student programming needs, the ASD Board will develop effective short and long term plans by June, 2018.

  • Advocate at the city and state level for adequate funding throughout the year
  • Actively seek alternative funding resources and relate to district office
  • Attract and retain qualified staff
  • The ASD Board will review updated Comprehensive Improvement Plan from Building & Grounds Director
  • Begin exploring facility needs and solutions

District Central Office
Phone (207) 626-2468
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