CATC Resources as of 5/27/20 @12:30pm

CATC Resources as of 5/27/20 @12:30pm
There are many more resources to come for these and other programs.  Please check back regularly for updates.  Included are general career skills and program-specific resources.





Career Skills

  • Employability Skill Videos and Self Assessment

  • General Safety Training Course - free online course, 54 seats remaining, code good through 6/10/20

  • OHSA 10 Hour Course - free online course, 8 seats remaining, code good through 6/10/20

    • Same instructions as above and enter code: 6CDFK2ME967D 

    • A certificate can be printed upon completion

  • Employability: Interview Skills Course - free online course, code good through 6/10/20

    • Same instructions as above and enter code: 73342M4H2FM4

    • A certificate can be printed upon completion

  • Maine Career Videos

    • This is a great site for learning about different companies in the State of Maine and what types of jobs they have and what they are looking for in employees. Short videos on Maine businesses.

Auto Body

Auto Tech

  • Students can continue to work in S/P2 and the Ford Factory Training

    • Please email your instructor if you need login information

Building Construction

Business Academy

Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Important information about CNA Certification.

  • Students can continue textbook/workbook reviews in each chapter.

  • Mrs. Parker’s students: please access Google Classroom (codes were distributed last week)

  • Mrs. Parker's students can continue to practice the 7 pages of skills that you have been doing throughout the year.

  • Union Test Prep for CNA Exam

    • The site offers practice tests, study guides, flashcards, blogs

  • The CNA Plus Academy CNA Skills Test Prep

    • An excellent site that talks about the hands-on portion of the CNA test.  The site offers basic nursing skills, communication, activities of daily living, and client rights.

  • 4YourCNA Skills Videos

    • This site offers a review of skills.

Computer Tech

Culinary Arts

Early Childhood Education

For High School Students:

For Preschool Students:

Electrical Technology

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in using your “login” and “password”. ( If you do not have an NFPA profile you will be prompted to create one).

  3. Click on the “codes and standards” in the top red bar.

  4. Click on the ‘List of NFPA Codes and Standards’ link

  5. Click on the code/standard list and select list of all codes, then select NFPA 70

  6. Next to VIEW this DOCUMENT, click on the red FREE ACCESS tab then select view

  7. Next the drop down, please click on the blue SELECT EDITION TAB


  •  You can continue to access your textbook through Navigator for past and new content

Graphic Design

  • Here is a listing of free alternative programs in case you cannot access Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Educational Exchange

    • Log in using your creative cloud username, the same one you use when you first got your creative cloud logins

    • Free courses, workshops, and materials

  • Article Review or Critique

    • No computer/internet access required

    • You may complete an article review (exploring a professional article related to your industry) or a critique (a detailed evaluation of an artifact in your industry, such as a Video Game, Film, Animation, or Graphic Design). Follow the directions below. Make sure they are published not self-published (no blogs). 

      • Abstract In Narrative Form: concisely but completely summarize the article in your own words. Be certain to highlight points that relate to your chosen field of study.

      • Reflection In Narrative Form: use your personal knowledge and experience to evaluate or expand upon the content of the article. Use any of the questions below as a starting point. How did you agree with the article? How did you disagree? Were the conclusions valid? Was there something missing, could you have added more? How does it relate to your industry? How will it impact the future of your industry? How will it impact your own work?

        • Include:

          • Publication

          • Article Title

          • Article Author

          • Publication Date/Issue 

  • Continue work on Class T-Shirt Design

    • No computer/internet access required)

      • Complete some thumbnail sketches

      • Complete some roughs

      • Complete some final renders using pencil/colored markers/crayons 

  • Adobe Digital Career Activities

  • Check out some style guide creations! 

  • There are HUNDREDS of tutorials on YouTube if you are interested

    • Here is one 

    • You can search "Graphic Design" to find MANY more

Law Enforcement

Machine Tool with Welding

Medical/Veterinary Terminology

  • Review and study flashcards from Semester 1

  • Complete exercises on the online site for Pearson My Med Lab online learning

  • Quizlet and Kahoot sites

  • Mrs. Parker’s students: please access Google Classroom (codes were distributed last week)

Plumbing & Heating