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Hello from the Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Reintegration Specialist and Nurse!

The Cony Guidance Department has prepared a number of resources for students and families 7-12.We understand that in difficult times such as the these it is comforting to know that there are many sources of outside supports in our area. We also want to encourage our students to look forward to their next steps, and take this time to virtually explore some careers and pathways. Our younger students can also begin to explore career paths, and using the Program of Studies begin to chart their own course through Cony High School. Please feel free to contact any of our listed resources, or to reach out to us at our email addresses.

Post Secondary Planning Information

Here are some resources for our students for their physical health and mental health:

Here is a mindfulness link.

Mandy Massey-School Nurse

Here are some helpful resources for students and families that may need support during this Covid-19 crisis:
211 is a Maine "Warm" line for information and linkage to many resources in the state.  This is NOT a Crisis hotline or 911/emergency line.

NAMI MAINE (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill):
Information and support for mental health challenges during COVID-19 and other times.

Homeless and housing distress: 
MaineHousing: 626-4600. Links available for shelter and subsidized housing resources.
updates regarding COVID-19

Short list of some area Homeless Shelters (Full list at ) for Youth: 

  • New Beginnings: Lewiston: 795-4070
  • Joe Kreisler Youth Shelter: Portland: 775-0026
  • Shaw House: Bangor: 941-2874 OR  1-866-561-7429

Youth Outreach Services: 
New Beginnings: 621-0004; 795-4077: Ian Gould
Kennebec Behavioral Health: 626-3455: Tracy Allen

Bread of Life: Augusta: 626-3478
Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter: Waterville: 872-8082
Tedford Shelter: Brunswick: 729-1161, ext. 113
Bangor Area Homeless Shelter: Bangor: 947-0092
City of Portland Family Shelter: 772-8339

Domestic Violence: 
Family Violence Project: (877)890-7788

LGBTQ+ resources:  
New Beginnings:
Phone: 207/795-4077

Phone: 800-530-6997

Crisis hotline 
Crisis Hotline: 1(888)568-1112

Maine DHHS Hotline Website:

- Get the facts- find a dependable resource for accurate health information
- Take suggested steps to protect yourself against the illness
- Focus on what is true
- Stay up-to-date on the news but do not be overwhelmed by it
- Talk about other things and maintain a routine as much as possible-  Play board games or online games; learn an instrument; draw, color, paint; do puzzles


Social emotional skills are practical ways for people to cope with uncomfortable feelings or situations. These skills can help a person manage emotions while setting and achieving positive goals. The Collaborative for Academics, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) [] suggest the following:
- Identify and address the triggers that are causing stress
- Be kind to yourself and others
- Keep negative self-talk at bay
- Seek help when it's needed [from a trusted family member, friend, mental health counselor, or doctor
- Relax your body by taking deep breaths, stretching or meditating

- Make healthy food choices
- HYDRATE! Drink lots of water
- Get enough sleep
- Move your body

guided meditations:

A list of links and resources on COVID-19 (COVID) and tips to cope-.
Mental Health and COVID-19 – Information and Resources | Mental Health America-

Mental Health America website, with links to information regarding mental health, wellness and COVID-19 you have a problem or just want to talk with another teen who understands, then this is the right place for you! Teens helping teens for 34 years.

 TEEN LINE | Teens Helping Teens - Connect, talk, get help!-provides teen peer support via phone, text, message board, email and iPhone app. This is NOT a crisis or emergency hotline
-CALL 310-855-4673
-TEXT TEEN to 839863

Understanding "Social Distance":; accessed through RSU12/Sheepscot Valley website:

  1. Keep 6 feet away from others in public

  2. Don't go to stores as often as usual, and then only for necessities

  3. No play dates (sorry! ) 

  4. 'Flatten the Curve' of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Center for Disease Control: Managing Stress and Anxiety

What you should know in this site: 

    1. Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a federal agency of the United States government.

    2. World Health Organization (WHO) is an international health organization.

    3. is the official website for the State of Maine government.

  • watch for, and respectfully talk about:
    1. stress

    2. changes in behavior or mood (for example, sleeplessness, increased crying, increased irritability)

  • Try not to watch or read too much coverage of COVID-19
    1. set times to check in with reliable news sources (such as 2 times a day). 

  • Set a daily routine, and keep to that routine as much as possible.
  •  Connect with others in ways that are consistent with social distance (use of phone, text, social media, FaceTime, etc.)
  • Other links are available on this site.

Information you should know from this site: 

  1. Children respond differently to stress at different times and ages.  Irritability, increased challenging or risky behavior, return to previous behaviors, or isolation may occur. 

  2. Communicate calmly, clearly and regularly.  If you don't know something, say that in a calm, clear manner.

  3. Develop plans to support positive, home-based activities.  Links should be available through this school website.

  4. Other links are available on this site.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding: risks, symptoms and school dismissal related to COVID-19/coronavirus. 

Homelessness and education: 

NAEHCY: National Alliance for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth

  1. Provides facts and resources about school services for homeless youth in general

  2. provides current facts, links and resources about COVID-19

Other Links:

This site provides information and guidance about substance use and mental health treatment, with current information regarding COVID-19.

This site provide up to date information from the U.S. Department of Education.

This site provides up to date information from the Maine Department of Education.

-free online learning platform