Mathematics Department

Greetings from the Cony Math Department!

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…” Joni Mitchell

The Cony math teachers miss you! They love doing math, they love learning math, they love teaching math! So it’s difficult for us too, to be home, trying to stay safe, and wanting more than anything (really!) to be in class with you, our students. For the moment the joys of seeing you learn, understand new concepts, and yes, even complain a little about doing some of the math, are all things we miss. And deep down, we know you miss being in school with us too!

That being said, as you know, math is all around us. The math of exponential growth and statistics are prominent in the news these days. As much as some of this data is scary, math helps us manage positive outcomes. Speaking of math, the department and I have suggested an incredible list of math resources that you can use to explore more math, to continue to learn what you were learning in your classes, or to learn something new, and have fun while doing it! 

We hope you take advantage of this extensive list of fabulous resources while we are not in school. Take some time each day to “do the math”! Explore, discover, learn and re-learn… you and your brain will love it! Give your brain a good workout, having fun at the same time. Some of you probably miss working out in the weight room…well, these resources are the weight rooms for your brain. Go for it!

Please stay safe, use social distancing, and continue to learn. Know that we miss you and cannot wait to do lots of math with you as soon as we can!

 Pat Hannigan, Math Department Chair

There are no expectations or requirements associated with this information.  Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of all of our students and families.  If you have specific questions, please contact your  teacher or principal.

The Maine Department of Education has put together a list of resources for our state.  Please see this link:

General Resources from the Curriculum Leaders' Association 
LowTech Resources from the Curriculum Leaders' Association
Khan Academy has resources and sample home learning schedules for students

 Here are the resources as identified by each of our own Mathematics teachers:


Blaisdell, Christine        

HS Teacher

Charette, Lisa

HS Teacher

Dennett, Emily

HS Teacher

Glazier, Leah

HS Math & Science Teacher

Hannigan, Patricia

HS Teacher/Department Head

Justice, Rici           

HS Teacher

Poulin, Joshua

HS Teacher