World Language Department

Dear 7th-12th Grade Language Students,
All of the language teachers (Frau Backman, Madame Cook, Señora Gingras, Señora Livingston, and Mrs. Moore) miss seeing your smiling faces in the language hallway. We hope that you are able to incorporate some world language time into your days away from school. 

 Here are some ideas for all of you.
Duolingo:  Self-paced instruction at all levels. Most students already have an account. Check out the stories -- those are pretty fun!

AAPPL:  Cony High School uses the AAPPL (ACTFL Assessment of Performance Toward Proficiency in Language) as our approved assessment for students to achieve the Maine Seal of Biliteracy. Students may check out the AAPPL topics here:
Students may take practice tests here:
Students may work on their speaking here:

Additional Suggestions for all languages:
Listen to music and learn the lyrics of your favorite songs.
Check out Netflix for shows & movies in the language that you are studying. 
Change the settings on your phone/gaming console to the language you are studying.
Text your friends from your language class in French/German/Latin/Spanish.
Label objects throughout your house in French/German/Latin/Spanish and teach your family. 
Learn to cook some international dishes.
All students can journal their experiences during this pandemic in the language that they are studying. Beginner students can use sketchnoting, incorporating key new words that they learn. More advanced students can write longer journal entries including as many different tenses as possible. Check out your teacher’s link below for more resources for your particular language.

 There are no expectations or requirements associated with this information.  Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of all of our students and families.  If you have specific questions, please contact your  teacher or principal.

The Maine Department of Education has put together a list of resources for our state.  Please see this link:

General Resources from the Curriculum Leaders' Association 
LowTech Resources from the Curriculum Leaders' Association
Khan Academy has resources and sample home learning schedules for studentsKhan Academy has a useful site for resource and sample learning schedules.

 Here are the resources as identified by each of our own World Language teachers:


Backman, Deb

HS Teacher & 8th Gr. UA

Cook, Margaret

HS Teacher & 8th Gr. UA

Gingras, Anne      

HS Teacher

Livingston, Gretchen

HS Teacher & 8th Gr. UA
Department Head

Moore, Sarah       

HS Teacher
7th and 8th Gr. UA