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February 16, 2018

The Augusta School Department and the Augusta Police Department have been working collaboratively to investigate an alleged threat by a student to students and staff at Cony Middle School.  From the minute the information was reported steps were taken by administration and the Police Department to ensure that students and staff were safe.  It was confirmed that the student in question was not in school at the time the information surfaced and has not returned to school.  The safety of all building users was never in question.

I would like to public ally thank Cony’s administration and the Augusta Police Department for their immediate and measured response to the information that was initially available and the additional information gathered during the shared investigation.  Due to strict confidentiality laws, the information the School Department can share public ally is more restricted than the Police Department. As a result, it may at times appear the Police Department is more forthcoming with information.

I realize that many questions regarding school safety procedures and the community’s response to similar situations still exist.  To address those questions, the School Department hosted a public forum on Tuesday February 27th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Cony’s auditorium to review safety procedures and share as much information as possible regarding the school and community’s response to similar situations.

The forum was not to specifically discuss the recent situation because of the ongoing investigation and legal requirement to maintain confidentiality for those involved. 

James Anastasio
Superintendent of Schools

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