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Congratulations to Principal Heather Gauthier and Lincoln Elementary School staff.  The Department of Education has showcased  their innovative school vacation project that promotes literacy.  Follow this link to enjoy great guest  readers.

Policy Surveys

The following links will take you to surveys which you may fill out regarding our pending policies.  To view these policies you may click on the attachment.  After you read the policy, we invite you to participate in the survey.

KHD:  Augusta School Department Media Rights Application and Agreement
Policy         Survey 

GBCA:  Staff Conflicts of Interest
Policy       Survey


Attendance Matters

The federal law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires school departments to report chronic-absenteeism rates.  This happens when students in grades K-12 are absent for 10% or more of the days enrolled, excused and unexcused.

Chronic-absenteeism impacts students’ educational progress often times limiting school success. The Augusta School Department tackles attendance problems on a daily basis using an array of strategies- some as simple as calling parents and others as complex as offering support services and initiating the truancy process.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the school department’s data indicated that over 18% of our students were considered chronically absent from school. These students were missing more than 17 days of school during one school year.

It is important to create a culture of school attendance and therefore we ask our school community, parents, students and stakeholders to support this effort.  When kids aren’t in school, they can’t benefit from the instruction that’s being offered and learning gaps are reinforced.  They have a right to be educated, let’s get it done together and build a stronger, smarter community.


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Learning and teaching are personalized to be meaningful and to promote achievement. Through Personal Learning Plans we challenge every student to develop and achieve. The environment is safe, nurturing and respects the individual. Learning is fun and possible only in a safe place. Safety means a culture of civility and respect in secure, modern facilities.

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JIH: Questioning and Searches of Students
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JIH-R: Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure
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