Remembering that every decision should answer the question “How does this benefit the students?”, the Augusta School department will:

  • Deliver an all encompassing, individualized curriculum that tailors instruction, challenges students, provides flexibility and maintains rigor, while expanding experiential learning and creating mindful students who are prepared to be functioning members of a global society.
  • Foster creativity while developing and implementing programs that engage students for a changing world, enhance curriculum, and leverage the power of technology for learning and life.
  • Create a safe and secure school community where behaviors and actions are held accountable for students, staff, and parents, while fostering a culture of acceptance and support for all, as well as respect and empathy for our school and community.
  • Value open, transparent and mutually respectful communication which includes active listening to promote positive collaboration between staff, students, parents and community. We expect strong and successful communication skills to be taught, modeled, and utilized by all.
  • Increase social, physical, emotional and mental well-being, by supporting opportunities for students and staff to learn and practice strategies for healthy lifestyles.
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