Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
5:30 p.m. 

Type of Meeting:        Curriculum and Education Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:       City Center, Conference Room A 

Members:                    Pia Holmes-Chair; Staci Fortunato, Kevin Lamoreau 


                 1.  Firefighter Program 

                 2.  School Culture Survey 

                            A.  Student Grades 2-6

                                        Attachment 1

                            B.  Student Grades 7-12

                                        Attachment 2

                            C.  Parents

                                        Attachment 3

                            D.  Staff

                                        Attachment 4 

                 3.  Professional Development Survey

                            Attachment 5  

                 4.  Student Data Reports

                            A.  Bullying

                                        Attachment 6

                            B.  Truancy

                                        Attachment 7

                            C.  Student Behavior

                                        Attachment 8

                            D.  Attendance

                                         Attachment 9  

                 5.  BrightBytes Technology Use Survey Results

                            A.  BrightBytes Intro

                                        Attachment 10

                            B. 21st Century Learning Report

                                        Attachment 11

                            C.  Infrastructure at School Report

                                        Attachment 12

                            D.  Infrastructure at Home Report

                                        Attachment 13

                            E.  Curriculum Report

                                        Attachment 14

                            F.  Professional Development Report

                                        Attachment 15

                            G.  Technology Support Report

                                        Attachment 16

                            H.  Supervisory Report

                                        Attachment 17