Meeting Agenda 
Wednesday, August 11, 2021
5:30 p.m.


Type of Meeting:       Curriculum and Education Committee Meeting 

Members:                   Pia Holmes-Chair; Kati McCormick, Martha Witham 

Meeting Location:     City Center, Conference Room A


  1. Augusta School Department Lau Plan: Katy Grondin will review the updated Lau Plan with the committee.  The Lau plan is a requirement for all school districts.  It outlines the district policy regarding educating English Learners.  It was last updated in 2015.
                 Attachment 1


  1. Gifted and Talented Protocol: Katy Grondin and Patti Howe will review the updated Gifted and Talented protocol.
                 Attachment 2


  1. Cony High School Graduation Requirements: Kim Silsby will share with committee members the need to extend the adjusted graduation requirements at 20 credits instead of 24 credits for the Class of 2022 due to the impact of COVID.