September 11, 2019
5:30 p.m. 

Committee Members Present:  Chair:  Pia Holmes; Staci Fortunato, Kevin Lamoreau 

Board Members Present: Edward Hastings, Michael Michaud, Amanda Olson 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 

1.  BrightBytes Technology Use Survey Results

                            A.  BrightBytes Intro

                                        Attachment 1

                            B. 21st Century Learning Report

                                        Attachment 2

                            C.  Infrastructure at School Report

                                        Attachment 3

                            D.  Infrastructure at Home Report

                                        Attachment 4

                            E.  Curriculum Report

                                        Attachment 5

                            F.  Professional Development Report

                                        Attachment 6

                            G.  Technology Support Report

                                        Attachment 7

                            H.  Supervisory Report

                                        Attachment 8 

Donna Madore presented the BrightBytes Technology Use Survey Results.  It’s a survey that have been administered to students and staff the last two years.  The survey addresses different components like student learning experiences, leadership for change, professional learning and learning focused access. The survey showed some improvements from last year. CATC information is based on only two responses.  Farrington has data for 2018 but not for 2019.  Details of the results are included in the attached introduction. 

2.  Updated report cards

                      Attachment 9            

Met with grade level teachers K-6 to work on aligning the report cards to the new reading program.  The report cards are also aligned with the new social studies standards approved by DOE in June.  Work will continue to update the new science standards on the report cards. 

3.  Presentation of fall spring local assessments


               Attachment 10

                       Reading and Writing

                            Attachment 11


                            Attachment 12 

Ms. Madore went over the K-6 Fall/Spring local assessments.  Analysis of the data is attached. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m.