September 12, 2018

5:30 p.m.


Committee Members Present:  Chair:  Pia Holmes; Jason Bersani 

Committee Member Absent:  Tom Connors 

Board Members Present:  Edward Hastings, Staci Fortunato 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Kathy Casparius, Troy Alexander, Theresa Beaudoin, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette 

Others Present:  Kevin Lamoreau, Katherine Slein, Jennifer Tripp


Motion by Jason Bersani to amend the agenda and move item #5 as the first agenda item; second by Pia Holmes, so moved 2-0.


1.  Financial Literacy Programming

          Attachment 1


Board member Christopher Clarke requested data regarding Financial Literacy Programming at Cony High School.  Kim Silsby, Cony Middle/High School Principal, said financial literacy and economics are very well covered because it is part of the Maine Learning Results.  Attached is a list of standards, sequence of experiences and descriptions for Grades 6–8 and 9–12.  She said business leaders volunteer their time and come in and do presentations for grade 7 students.  Katherine Slein, Social Studies teacher explained some of the topics covered in her classes.  Ms. Silsby said Cony collaborates with Maine Credit Unions for  a financial fitness fair where a student is given a career, has to buy housing, figure out their transportation, create a budget and learn how much things cost.  Jennifer Tripp, Social Studies Teacher and Department head, said high school economics is a 9 week course and every student has to take it. It covers Personal Economics, Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics and Global Economics.


2.  Student Attendance Report

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Donna went over the various data and reports that Pia Holmes, Committee member, had asked for.  An analysis is provided for each report.  Kathy Casparius said next year data for the middle school and high school will be separate. 


3.  Student Behavior Report

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4.  Bullying Report

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       Mean Behavior and Bullying Incidents

          Attachment 8

 Each school did an analysis of Mean Behavior and Bullying Incidents for 2017.  The data shows that after incidents are extensively investigated approximately 98% of bullying complaints classified as mean behavior and not bullying.  The law is very specific as to what constitutes bullying. Only 1-3 reports of bullying in a year where there is clear cut bullying.  Mr. Anastasio said it’s not an arbitrary decision about whether incidents are mean behavior or bullying; what constitutes bullying is specific in the law.


5.  Student Truancy Report

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      Student Truancy Comparisons
          Attachment 11

Ms. Madore said the ASD is a very unique district in that there is a system in place for truancy; we have a truancy specialist; and we have a great working relationship with the Augusta Police Department and the District Attorney.  The District Attorney attended a Drop Out Prevention meeting and was very impressed with the work being done in the ASD.  There were 37 truancies submitted to the District Attorney last year.


6.  LD 1666 - Proficiency Based Diploma Update

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 Ms. Madore explained the background, the process and the work the ASD completed to get to a proficiency based diploma.  Ms. Silsby said when this process started, the ASD wanted to do something that made sense for students.  By 2026, every Augusta School Department student who has successfully demonstrated proficiency in meeting standards and earning 24 credit (in all required courses) with a 70 or greater course value and guiding principles, as implemented by Cony High School, will receive a proficiency-based diploma. Standard proficiency is worth 80% and Habits of Work is worth 20%.


The meeting adjourned at 6:22 p.m.