February 3, 2020
5:30 p.m. 

Committee Members Present:  Chair: Pia Holmes; Staci Fortunato, Kati McCormick 

Board Members Present:  Christopher Clarke, Edward Hastings, Kevin Lamoreau, Amanda Olson 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Kathy Casparius, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Shelby Thibodeau, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 

Others Present:  Jason Morgan, Kelly Stottler 

Motion by Kati McCormick to nominate Pia Holmes as chair of the committee, second by Staci Fortunato, so moved 3-0. 

                 1.  Course Approval Request for Ceramics 2

                            Attachment 1  

                 2.  Course Approval Request for Drawing 2

                           Attachment 2  

Kim Silsby, Principal of Cony Middle/High School, explained the process of starting new classes at Cony.  Ms. Silsby said she is supportive of the requests for Ceramics 2 and Drawing 2.  Jason Morgan, district art coordinator and art teacher, and Kelly Stottler, art teacher, said students have expressed interest in continuing on after taking Ceramics 1 and Drawing 1.  It will allow them to push themselves a little further and build portfolios.  The additional classes do not require extra funding.  Motion by Kati McCormick to send Ceramics 2 and Drawing 2 to the board for consideration, second by Staci Fortunato, so move 3-0. 

                 3.  Tier III school designation

                           Attachment 3 

Ms. Madore, Assistant Superintendent, said the Tier III school designation is called school support by the Maine Department of Education and it’s based on a federal accountability mandate.  As part of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), they use data from the Maine Education Assessments and develop a system for school support.  They use four indicators to identify how schools are doing. Based on the MEA outcomes, individual schools were identified for various levels of support.  Lincoln Elementary and Gilbert Elementary were identified as schools who will receive Tier III support.  They have been identified to receive support with federal funds.  Each school will receive $20,000 to spend on professional development and the DOE will also provide a learning coach.  Gilbert and Lincoln must develop a Comprehensive Needs Assessment plan that is due March 1.  Ms. Madore will share more data at the next Curriculum Committee Meeting. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:07 p.m.