October 14, 2020

5:30 p.m.

Civic Center, Augusta Capital Pine Tree Room, Second Floor North Wing 

Committee Members Present:  Chair: Pia Holmes; Staci Fortunato 

Committee Member Absent:  Jan Michaud 

Board Members Present:  Jennifer Dumond, Edward Hastings, Kevin Lamoreau, Amanda Olson 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin,  Heather Gauthier, Christie Jernigan, Sarah Landry, Monique Roy, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 

Others Present:  Meghan Cociu, Jeff DeJongh, Caroline Eldridge, Guy Meader, Cynthia Streznewski, Maggie Wachtl 


     1.  Cindy Streznewski, Technology Mentor, will be sharing the work she is doing with teachers in

          the area of technology.  There will be a demonstration of Seesaw and Google Classroom and

          two platforms teachers are using for teaching and learning.


Cindy Streznewski, Technology Mentor, gave an overview of how technology works in the classroom with Seesaw and Google Classroom platforms as well as Google Meets.  She along with elementary classroom teachers, the assistant superintendent, and math and literacy specialists meet together once a month to review curriculum.  She said people have been sharing wonderful things they are doing in their classrooms. They also use subscriptions to several technology based curriculum.  There now is 1 to 1 student devices.  Grades K through 1 students have tablets and Grades 2 through 6 have Chrome books.  Google Meets is the cornerstone for how they are connecting with students and how they’re building relationships. 

Caroline Eldridge and Meghan Cociu, teachers from Hussey Elementary gave a demonstration on how they use the Seesaw platform for teaching. Guy Meader, 6th grade teacher at Gilbert Elementary school and technology mentor, gave a demonstration on Google Classrooms. 

Jeffrey DeJongh and Maggie Wachtl, science teachers at Cony also demonstrated how they use Google Classroom, Newsela, Nearpod, Peardeck, Flipgrid, Gizmos, Jamboard, and Kahoot.


     2.  Katy Grondin, Assistant Superintendent, will share information about the NWEA, which is the

          universal screener that will be administered to students in grades 2-9 the first week in



The NWEA assessment is planned for grades 2 through 6 the beginning of November and the beginning of January for grades 7, 8 and 9.  The assessments will give a snapshot of where students stand on standardized assessments.  It’s informative in that these assessments grow with the students.  The reports tell teachers what the students’ strengths are and what areas may be a challenge so it can inform instruction and measures growth.  

The meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.