December 9, 2020

5:30 p.m.

Via Zoom 


Committee Members Present:  Chair: Pia Holmes; Staci Fortunato, Jan Michaud 

Board Members Present:  Edward Hastings, Kati McCormick, Amanda Olson 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin,  Nick Gannon, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Monique Roy, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 

Others Present:  Thomas Maines, Steve Scoville, Jennifer Tripp


1.  ESports Student Organization approval

          Attachment 1 

Kim Silsby, Principal of Cony Middle/High School explained the process to get a student organization approved.  Steve Scoville, Advisor, described the organization and explained why he feels it is really helpful for Cony. 

Motion by Staci Fortunato to bring the ESports Student Organization request to the Board for approval, second by Jan Michaud, so moved 3-0. 

2.  Quiz Bowl Student Organization approval

          Attachment 2 

Kim Silsby said the Quiz Bowl Organization is something they have been working on for a couple years.  Steve Scoville is the advisor of the group.  In addition to the Maine Quiz Team competition, students also participate in national tournaments. 

Motion by Pia Holmes to move the Quiz Bowl Student Organization request to the Board for approval, second by Staci Fortunato, so moved 3-0.  

3.  New Course:  African American History

          Attachment 3 

Ms. Silsby said if we have a teacher or students that are interested in moving forward with a course, a proposal is put together by the department chair along with the teacher and the proposal then goes to the principal and the principal then will bring the request to the Curriculum Committee of Cony and they will debate the merits of the new course and then they will vote on whether to move it forward or not.  From there it needs the approval of the principal and then the superintendent.  If they both approved, it then goes to the Curriculum and Education Committee.  If that committee approves, it goes to the full board for a vote.  Jennifer Tripp, Social Studies Department Head feels it is a very timely course considering the cultural world we’re living in.  Teacher, Thomas Maines, said Civil Rights unit tends to be one that students really enjoy.  He highlighted the course goals. 

Motion by Staci Fortunato to move the African American History course forward to the board for approval, second by Jan Michaud, so moved 3-0. 

4.  Report Card adjustments 

Katy Grondin said a district letter will go out next week highlighting the changes.  A lot time at the beginning of the year was focused on social emotional work and looking at what the gaps were from last spring.  Because students are not going to school five days a week in person, it’s a different model so it puts a different spin on the report card. For specialist grades, a rubric of what the numbers mean is included in the letter. For art, music and PE there are two parts to the report card one is skills and one is work habits and effort.  She explained that the specialists agreed they will not be scoring skills this trimester, however, work habits will be scored.  There will be an adjustment for kindergarten report cards.  Grades closed December 4.  The report cards should be completed by December 11.  Cohort A will receive their report cards on December 17, Cohort B on the December 18 and Cohort C report cards will be sent home on December 17 through the mail. 

5.  NWEA District Data 

The first assessment with NWEA was taken between November 2nd and the 24th.  The winter testing window starts February 2.  Staff received two hours of professional development on how to read reports and use them for instruction.  This is the first year NWEA did remote testing and it was challenging.  88% of students were tested. The assessment adjusts as the students are taking the test.  She said when they look at the data it will help teachers plan instruction for individual students.  The data will also support school and district administration as they focus on allocating resources and the school staff as they work to improve educational outcomes. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.