May 3, 2021
5:30 p.m.
Via Zoom


Committee Members Present:  Pia Holmes-Chair; Martha Witham

Committee Member Absent:  Kati McCormick

Board Members Present:  Jennifer Dumond, Staci Fortunato, Kevin Lamoreau, Kimberly Martin, Jan Michaud, Amanda Olson

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Kathy Casparius, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Theresa Violette

Others Present:  Jessica West


  1. Top two math program update

Assistant Superintendent, Katy Grondin said they are bringing a recommendation for the new math program.  She said Jessica West, Math Mentor, did an outstanding job leading this work as well as all the members of the team.  The two top programs are Illustrative Mathematics which uses the Learn Zillion platform and Eureka Math which uses Great Minds platform.

Ms. West went over the process to get to the point of choosing the math program. She said the team was able to come to consensus on a recommendation which is Illustrative Math for K-5 using the Learn Zillion platform.  Committee member Martha Witham said the integrity of the whole process was outstanding and consensus was easily reached.

Next steps is to bring it to the board at the May 12 meeting for approval, order materials for teachers for summer planning, select math coaches for implementation, work with consultants and other districts, and plan for summer professional development training.

Motion by Martha Witham to accept Illustrative Math as the new math program and move to the board for approval, second by Pia Holmes, so moved 2-0.

There was a brief discussion on the Maine Department of Education’s recommendation of Pre-K for ME as the curriculum for Pre-K.

The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.