Committee Members Present Katie Vose, Chair; April Cusick, Jennifer Neumeyer
Board Members Present Jennifer Day, Edward Hastings, Kimberly Martin
Administrators Present James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Lynne Adams, Teresa Beaudoin, Stew Brittner, Sue Dionne, Bruce Dostie, Heather Gauthier, James Holland, Jan Rollins, Kim Silsby, Paul Vachon
  1. Review of school behavioral rubrics
    Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent, passed out an information packet that included behavioral rubrics for all schools, including CATC, a draft athletics and activities rubric which is specific to substances and policies JK:  Student Discipline and JIC:  Student Code of Conduct.

    Each school has a behavior rubric that deals with discipline based on policies JK and JIC which are mandated policies.  Behavior rubrics are developed by administrators and staff in each building.  Rubrics are not policy.  They’re designed by administrators and staff to implement policy.  Each administrator explained the behavior rubric for their school.  The Alternative to Suspension, Restorative Justice and Response to Intervention (RTI) are programs in place to provide supports for students.  Kim Silsby, Cony Middle/High School Principal said they’ve had a lot of success with the Alternative to Suspension Program at Buker.  Stew Brittner, Cony High School Assistant Principal, explained the use of Restorative Justice and how it works.  He said it has a very high success rate.  Response to Intervention (RTI) is another program that relates to both behavior and academics.

    Edward Hastings said it would be helpful to have summary reports on this data in the event we need to expand the budget for additional behavioral support.  Donna Madore said that data is easily available.  The Drop Out Prevention Committee reviews discipline data district wide and we have to report certain discipline issues to the State.

    Donna said this meeting is informational to show to the committee that we do have behavioral rubrics designed by each building administrator as designated by policy.
Meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m.

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