Committee Members Present Katie Vose, Chair; Jennifer Day, Jennifer Neumeyer
Board Members Present Laura Hamilton, Edward Hastings
Administrators Present James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Kathy Casparius, Teresa Beaudoin, Kim Silsb
Others Present Helen Renko 
  1. Art class scheduling issues at Cony High School
  2. Student access to course selections at Cony High School
Some parents expressed concerns to Board members that some students cannot get in art classes in their freshman year and have to wait until their Junior or Senior year.  

Kim Silsby, principal of Cony Middle/High School, explained the process.  Students request classes between February and March and sign up on line.  The information is entered in a computer and the computer then determines the best fit for most students.  Helen Renko, Guidance Director, then adjusts the computer model to try to make as many students happy with their choice of classes in every content area.  A schedule is then generated.  If students take CATC or have other programming needs, it makes it more difficult to get all the classes they want.  If students can’t get the classes they want they can then meet with guidance to help set priorities and goals.  Juniors and seniors have more flexibility in their schedules because they have fewer classes to take. Some opportunities, like dual enrollment with UMA, may be expanded.  There are other options students can access outside the curriculum like Adult Ed., UMA, and AP on line classes.  Mr. Anastasio said the majority of students do get all the classes they request.

Meeting adjourned 5:28 p.m.

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