August 7, 2017

6:30 p.m.


Committee Members Present:  Edward Hastings, Chair; Members; April Cusick, Kati



Board Members Present:  Tom Connors, Staci Fortunato, Kimberly Martin, Deborah Towle


Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Kathy Casparius, Donna Madore, Teresa

Beaudoin, Kim Silsby, Jon Stonier


1.  Long term plan for air conditioning

            Attachment 1


Mr. Anastasio said air conditioning for the second floors of elementary schools was not installed primarily due to cost projections previously given. Jon Stonier, Director of Buildings and Grounds, is in the process of putting a package together that is different and costs are far less than previous estimates.  Mr. Stonier handed out information on heat pumps for air conditioning for 2nd floor elementary schools and explained the options.  He will do more research and report back to the committee.


2.  Minimum wage in relation to sub pay

            Attachment 2


Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent, handed out information on Maine’s Department of Labor Revised Statutes on minimum wage.  At this point we are in compliance with all wage earners and will make future adjustments per revised statutes.


3.  LED lighting for lampposts


There are a total of 75 light poles between Lincoln, Gilbert, Farrington and Cony.  Hussey has wall mounts on their building.  The program cost to go to LED lighting is estimated to be $35,000.  Rebates from Efficiency Maine are estimated at $11,700.  Our out of pocket amount would be $23,300.  Only the lights would change and not the poles.  The quality of light is much better and would save energy.  Funds are in this year’s budget to cover the cost.


4.  Reserved Funds


Kathy Casparius, Business Manager, talked to the auditors about taking some of the unassigned fund balance and putting it into a reserved fund to be used for unexpected costs.  Once it put in reserved funds and because we are a municipality, it would have to go out to the voters to be used.  Kathy will get additional information from Ralph St. Pierre, Assistant City Manager.


Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.