FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING August 1, 2016 6:30 p.m.

Committee Members Present Chair: Jennifer Day; Members:  April Cusick, Edward Hastings
Board Members Present  Kimberly Martin, Tom Connors, Deborah Towle
Administrators Present James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Kathy Casparius, John Pucciarelli, Maureen Sanborn
  1. Update – Recovery of accounts in arrears (Maureen Sanborn)
    Maureen Sanborn, School Nutrition Director said the school department has reached $35,000 in student debt for unpaid meals. This has nearly doubled since the beginning of the school year.  Some parents don’t fill out the forms for free and reduced meals, however, there has been some success using on line application forms.  Ms. Sanborn said calls are made and messages are sent home to try to recoup some money.  At their open house, Gilbert Elementary School is going to have teachers with laptops available to help parents fill out the free and reduced application. Tom Connors suggested it be done at all schools.  Teresa Beaudoin said she would put a reminder on Farrington’s Facebook page and Kim Martin suggested putting it on the letter that goes out to students letting them know what classroom they’re in.
  2. Labor Law Update – Overtime
    Kathy Casparius, Business Manager, explained that beginning in December, if a person is on salary and they earn $47,476, we have to pay them overtime for any hours over 40.  Teachers are exempt; however, all non-teaching personnel fall into that category.  It is very well defined in the federal labor laws, who qualifies for the exemption and who does not.  The other issue is hourly employees who receive a stipend may need to be paid overtime for the hours that they’re putting in on that activity.  A number of other school districts have those people fill out time card and pay them overtime.  Mr. Anastasio said if that ends up being the case, our budget can’t support it.  He said they will continue to work on this issue and more information will be brought to the committee.
  3. Summer Project Update
    John Pucciarelli gave an update on the projects being worked on this summer.
    Farrington School – classroom flooring is complete, painting, wall upgrades and bathrooms are complete, oil tank removed, intercom update is scheduled to start this week,  air conditioning/heating for the office will start soon, and masonry repair has started.
    Gilbert School - roofing repair will begin shortly, classroom flooring is complete, the intercom update is complete, painting to three classrooms is complete, updated wireless access is complete, and parking lot paving is complete.  In order to repair a circuit breaker, power to Gilbert School will be shut off completely for about a week.
    Hussey School - paving has started; work is being done on classroom flooring; painting on the outside of the building; and oil tank was removed.  Mr. Pucciarelli said we had a successful bid for the roof upgrade.  The work will be done from the outside and will likely continue while school is in session.
    Lincoln School - purchased new compressors for walk in cooler and freezer, cupola work on the roof; intercom update is complete; oil tank was removed; and classroom flooring will start tomorrow.
    Cony - removed mullions; plumbing projects are complete; paving at CATC will be done the week of the 8th
    The bids for air conditioning for the second floors came in at twice the amount originally estimated and therefore cannot be completed at this time.
  4. Schedule September Committee Meeting
    The committee decided to schedule the next Finance Committee meeting September 12.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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