October 2, 2017

5:30 p.m.


Committee Members Present:  Tom Connors, Kati McCormick 

Committee Member Absent:  Deborah Towle 

Board Members Present:  Edward Hastings, Pia Holmes, Kimberly Martin 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Teresa Beaudoin, Kimberly Silsby 


1.  Functional Job Analysis

The committee discussed Functional Job Analysis.  After much discussion it was decided that the committee will contact MSMA for a more appropriate form for educational positions and then pilot it on a few positions.

2.  Exit Interviews


The committee reviewed exit surveys.  They feel they’re important for getting useful information and trends. Mr. Anastasio said everyone who resigns is sent a survey to complete or they have the option of a face to face meeting with him.  A letter accepting an employee’s resignation is sent to everybody and Mr. Connors asked that a survey is sent out along with that letter.  He would like a form developed requiring their signature and date if they choose not to complete the survey.


The meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.