Meeting Agenda
Monday, June 1, 2020
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Type of Meeting:        Personnel Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:       Zoom Meeting 

Members:                    Kevin Lamoreau-Chair; Christopher Clarke, Pia Holmes  


            1.  Job Descriptions

                      A.  Adult Education Educational Technician – Testing Administrator

                                 Attachment 1

                      B.  Adult Education Instructor – ESOL/ELA

                                 Attachment 2

                      C.  Adult Education Administrative Assistant

                                 Attachment 3

                      D.  Adult Education Instructor – Academic Classes

                                 Attachment 4

                      E.  Adult Education Instructor – Computer Science

                                 Attachment 5

                      F.  Adult Education – Academic Coordinator

                                 Attachment 6

                      G.  Adult Education Academic Advisor

                                 Attachment 7

                      H.  College and Career Advisor

                                 Attachment 8

                       I.  Payroll Coordinator

                                 Attachment 9

                       J.  General Education Intervention (Project Pride)

                                 Attachment 10

                       K.  Pre-kindergarten Teacher

                                 Attachment 11


            2.  Finger Printing/Background Checks – Board Role

                      A.  Department of Education – The Credentialing of Education Personnel

                                 Attachment 12

                      B.  Maine DOE Fingerprinting Process

                                 Attachment 13

                      C.  Policy BBA:  School Board Powers and Responsibilities

                                 Attachment 14