January 7, 2019
5:30 p.m. 

Committee Members Present:  Kati McCormick – Chair; Jennifer Dumond- Member, Edward Hastings-Ex officio member

Board Members Present:  Jason Bersani, Pia Holmes, Kevin Lamoreau, Michael Michaud 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Troy Alexander, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette 

1.  Superintendent Evaluation Timeline

            Attachment 1 

Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent, went over policy CBI which states the timeline for the Superintendent’s evaluation.   The Superintendent’s self-evaluation is submitted to the Board by May 30.  The Committee chair said documents will go out to board members by April 15 board members will submit written assessments to the Personnel Committee chair by June 1.  The Personnel Committee chair will develop a summary evaluation from the written opinions and the Board will meet in executive session to review the evaluation at the July 10th business meeting.   

2.  Augusta School Department Emergency Plan
            Attachment 2  

Donna Madore said the first emergency plan was put together in 2014.  She said we received help from the Augusta Police Department, Fire Department, Kennebec County Emergency Task Force and ASD administrators.  Every year, administrators update information for their specific building and then meet as a group and review the plan  It is then submitted to the board for approval. 

3.  Administrator Evaluation Framework

            Attachment 3 

Attached is the handbook used for administrator evaluations.  It contains procedures, directions, and forms evaluators use.  It was used for the first time last year. It was put together with a team and with support from the Department of Education.  Training on using the system is done with administrators during  professional development in the summer.  Administrator evaluations are done annually. 

4.  Teacher Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth Program

            Attachment 4  

This system was used for the first time last year.  It had been piloted for two years prior.  It was established with support from the Department of Education and a Steering Committee mostly made up of teachers.  Habits of work were added to the system.  Continuing contract teachers are evaluated every three years and probationary teachers, who are probationary for three years, are evaluated twice a year.  Evaluators received extensive training on this system. 

5.  Substitute Handbook

            Attachment 5 

Every substitute who is hired receives a Substitute Handbook.  It is updated every year.  

6.  Employee Handbook

            Attachment 6  

Every year employees must read the employee handbook and they are asked to sign-off that they have read it.  Mr. Hastings asked that the “Written Procedure for Serious Health/Medical Emergency” be posted in classrooms and readily available for employees. 

7.  New Employee Handbook

            Attachment 7 

Every new employee receives a handbook. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.