August 3, 2020
6:30 p.m. 


Committee Members Present:  Kevin Lamoreau-Chair; Christopher Clarke, Pia Holmes 

Board Members Present:  Jennifer Dumond, Staci Fortunato, Edward Hastings, Jan Michaud, Amanda Olson 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Kathy Casparius, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin, Heather Gauthier, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 


            1.  Job Descriptions

                      A.  Behavior Analyst, BCBA

                                 Attachment 1  

Susan Walter, Special Education Director, said the position of a Behavior Analyst is very needed by the district because needs are increasing.  A Behavior Analyst specializes in behavior of children, can do functional behavior assessments helping to keep students in school and is a wonderful resource for students, families and staff.  The position is for district wide grades K-6.    She said the Local Entitlement Grant will fund the position.  The superintendent, assistant superintendent and board members are supportive of this position.  The attached job description will be revised.  Motion by Kevin Lamoreau to approve the job description in concept, second by Pia Holmes, so moved 3 – 0. 

            2.  Discussion - Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator responsibilities 

Motion by Christopher Clarke to table Item 2 until the next Personnel Committee meeting, second by Pia Holmes, so moved 3 – 0. 

Ms. Grondin said the Personnel and Policy committees in concert will look at the Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator job description which is part of the Affirmative Action Plan. 

            3.  Committee members that were involved in the planning process for opening schools

                 will brief the board on their committee work  

Staci Fortunato reported on Physical Health and Safety considerations.  Her group discussed how to make schools safe, the proper use of PPEs and sanitizing. She said it was a huge undertaking because they not only looked at the physical space but also making sure they had enough supplies.  They looked at items that needed to be removed from classrooms that couldn’t be washed or sanitized.  Due to guidelines, all desks have to be six feet apart.  The goal is to reduce risks as much as possible. 

Jennifer Dumond reported on Social Emotional considerations.  She said their group looked at COVID-19 as a natural disaster.  People have different stress responses to the same disaster and their goal is to mitigate some of the stress for teachers, staff, and students.  They discussed how to best meet the emotional needs of students and how to communicate that to parents.  

Amanda Olson reported on Academic considerations.  She said it was a good process that involved divergent and varied viewpoints and feels it resulted in a good outcome.  She said the group met in conjunction with group 4 – Student Expectations.  They received a lot of good data from the surveys both from parents and teachers and they used that information to inform their process.  The committee focused on academic programs and student learning consideration.  They looked at the reopening plans in terms of professional development for staff, technology needs, curriculum and assessments, recovering learning loss, how best to meet the needs of  English language learns and special needs students.  The framework will serve as a guide regardless of which model we move forward with and it is not meant to answer all of the specific questions. 

Kati McCormick reported on Student Expectations.  She said her group did a lot of overlapping work with the other groups.  Their work was more specific to what grade levels are going to look like.  She said there is more work to be done but it’s an excellent start. 

The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.