Meeting Agenda
Monday, April 1, 2019
6:30 p.m.  

Type of Meeting:        Personnel Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:       Superintendent’s Conference Room  

Members:                    Christopher Clarke-Chair; Jennifer Dumond, Kevin Lamoreau 

1.  Organizational Chart

            Lincoln Elementary School    

                 Attachment 1


                 Attachment 2 

2.  Coordinators vs. Department Heads

            Coordinator Automotive Program

                 Attachment 3

            English as a Second Language Coordinator

                 Attachment 4

            Gifted and Talented Coordinator

                 Attachment 5

            Music District Coordinator

                 Attachment 6

            School Counselor Coordinator K-6

                 Attachment 7

            English Language Arts Department Head

                 Attachment 8

            Guidance Department Head

                 Attachment 9

            Math Department Head

                 Attachment 10

            Science Department Head

                 Attachment 11

            Social Studies Department Head

                 Attachment 12

            Wellness Department Head

                 Attachment 13

            World Languages Department Head

                 Attachment 14  

3.  Contract Stipends

            Administrative Stipends

                 Attachment 15

            Co-Curricular Stipends

                 Attachment 16

            Extracurricular Athletic Stipends

                 Attachment 17  

4.  Superintendents’ Evaluation

             Policy CBI:  Evaluation of the Superintendent

                 Attachment 18