Library Guidelines

General Guidelines
Library schedules are designed to give a routine time for students to use the library.  The activity in the library may vary according to the grade or class as requested by the classroom teacher.

During the scheduled library time, students may return and check out materials.  Items can be signed out for two weeks but students are encouraged to return them weekly in exchange for new items.  If items are due, they may be renewed if no one else is requesting them.  Students also have daily access to the library to return or check out items and to do research as long as there is someone covering the library.
Library items should be transported to and from school in some type of waterproof bag.  Parents are encouraged to help students find a safe and secure place for library items while at home.  If an item is not returned, or is damaged, the student must pay for a replacement.  Further checkout of items will not be allowed until payment is made.  Refunds will be made on items, which have been found (if the item is still in good condition).

Requests for purchases for the library are encouraged.  All donations to the library are welcome and are subject to the same criteria as purchased materials.  All donations become the property of Augusta Public Schools.

Decisions concerning the library are made by the librarian in cooperation with the principal.
Created and maintained by Liz Soares, K-12 Librarian for the Augusta School Department.  Please send all questions and comments to