Technology in our schools

Technological growth in our schools is inevitable.  Today’s students live in an environment that requires different approaches to meet their educational needs. Technology is a powerful classroom tool that enables teachers to teach more effectively and adapt the curriculum to each student’s individual learning style as well as allow students to be more responsible for their own learning.  School based committees suggest solutions to technology needs of Augusta's students.

Vision for Technology

Technology is a powerful teaching tool that promotes independent learning and problem-solving skills for students, staff, and members of the community.  Computer technology must be readily available and routinely used by all students and staff in order to support and improve what they do.  All students and staff will be comfortable and proficient at using technology.  By creating a technology-rich environment, Augusta will provide a community of lifelong learners with the skills necessary to succeed in a future characterized by constant change.

Technology Plan/Curriculum Committee - develops the Technology Plan for Augusta. Members are educators, community members, administrators, and technology coordinators.

The technology staff for the district is comprised of employees of both the school department and the city. Each and every staff member places the needs of the school community at the forefront.

Every three years we are required to submit a new technology plan to the state for purposes of participating in the Maine School Library Network and to receive erate funding. Our new technology plan was submitted and approved  until June 30 of 2018.

As we do each year,  we will be working toward providing educational staff with the tools and training necessary for implementing technology within their curriculum. All PK-6 classroom teachers and specialists will be receiving a new device this fall.
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