HiSET Information

HiSET High School Equivalency Testing

Augusta Adult and Community Education offers the HiSET program year-round for people who want their high school credentials.

There are several steps to attaining a HiSET certificate. First, you need to call us at 626-2470 and set up an appointment with our counselor to take the CASAS and HiSET pretest. Once you have completed the pretest, our trained staff will review the results with you. If you have attained scores exceeding the required average, we will set up a schedule for you to come in and take the HiSET examination and work with our transitions to college or work coach.

Should you discover you are not quite ready to take the HiSET, we have HiSET preparation classes available. All of this is at NO COST - except your time. Testing accommodations are available for individuals with documented disabilities.

There are five sections to the HiSET examination:

           v     Writing (consisting of 60 multiple choice questions and a written essay with a two-hour time limit.)

           v     Social Studies (consisting of 60 multiple choice questions with a 70 minute time limit.) 

           v     Science (consisting of 60 multiple choice questions with an 80 minute time limit.)

              Reading (consisting of 50 multiple choice questions with a 65 minute time limit.)

           v     Mathematics (consisting of 55 multiple choice questions with a 90 minute time limit. You may use 
                  a calculator for the entire test. We will supply the calculator.)        

An individual must score a minimum of 8 points on a section in order to pass it.  A cumulative score of 45 points (9 point average) is required to attain a HiSET certificate.

Augusta Adult and Community Education has graduation exercises each June to celebrate this accomplishment. We would like to make you a part of this year’s celebration!

We are here to help you begin your journey to success.  Here are some pointers to get you started:

 1.       You must be 18 years old to take the GED; we will test students who are 17 years old and can show 
            "immediate need". (State policy)

 2.       Call us at 626-2470 to make an appointment for the CASAS and pretest.

 3.       Be sure to bring a photo I.D. (license or state I.D.) with you to your appointment.

 4.       Special accommodations may be requested with appropriate documentation.