Parent Internet Viewer

Web2School Parent Information System

Grades 7 - 12
The Augusta School System utilizes a product from Wickedgood Software, that allows teachers to electronically maintain their grades. This data, including attendance and discipline, is available to the administrative staff as well as the guidance counselors and provides up to date information about student performance. Another feature available with this package is the Parent Internet Viewer.  This popular Web2School option provides secure access and requires no additional data entry work for teachers or administrators. PIV takes this information and relays it back to your school’s Internet server where parents access it using unique ID-numbers and PIN codes. Available reports include: teacher comments, future assignments, missing assignments, assignment and test scores,discipline,attendance,individual class performance and grades to date

If you would like a login for your child or are having difficulties, please contact:
Stewart Brittner, Assistant Principal

The website for parent access is The web interface will guide you through the process.