April Hartford, First Grade

     I am excited for another year at  Hussey School as a First Grade Teacher. I started my career at Livermore  Elementary as a First Grade teacher having graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington. I was fortunate to also teach a second/third grade combination classroom while in Livermore. I left Livermore to gain further knowledge as a Special education teacher in Turner for five years, before teaching First Grade, and then moving into a Second Grade Inclusion classroom. I received my masters in Literacy from the University of New England.
     I find that every day working with students teaches me what a blessing I truly have being a teacher. I not only get to teach children but I learn every day from working with them. I believe strongly that all children can learn and I work hard to provide experiences and tools in which all children can succeed. You will see a variety of tools being used in my room from yoga balls, to programs such as Second Step, Class Dojo, and Mind Yeti all geared to help students gain skills to follow the Hussey Code of being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. 
      Please be on the look out for ways to support your child at home. I will post to Seesaw activities, lessons, and communication. I will send home reading bags. You can help make the difference by supporting our reading growth by helping your child read at night. This nightly reading will make a tremendous difference on our fluency, our sight words, comprehension, reading strategies and most of all enjoyment of books. I will send home the math links 2 to 4 times a week, which will help support skills being taught in class, and provide extra practice, and mastery. Students will be sharing and using math language used daily in our program, as well as show off the new skills being learned. 
      I am looking forward to a great year filled with many new learning adventures. 
  Please know I am always here to support your child, and you in this learning adventure. I look forward to hearing from you with questions, concerns, suggestions    april.hartford@augustaschools.org