Jan Murphy - Speech Therapist

My name is Jan Murphy. I am the speech/language therapist at Hussey School. This is my 22nd year in Augusta and my 34th year teaching overall. WOW!
I love teaching my students how to communicate! Communication is the key to everything and it is so exciting to see my students be successful. As many people know, I practice communicating all the time as I am a big talker. I enjoy passing on that skill to my students who might be having difficulty with their own communication skills. In my early years, speech therapy addressed mostly articulation (speech sound production) deficits but now, therapy involves many different areas. I work with students who have difficulty putting words together to make a sentence, understanding what someone is communicating to them, remembering information, attaching higher order meaning to concepts (inferencing, predicting, etc.), social skills, etc. Good language and articulation skills are essential for reading and writing development.  Every day is an adventure.
I am a proud alumni of Cony High School! Go Rams! I graduated from University of Maine at Farmington as well receiving a Master's Degree from University of Maine at Orono. In my spare time, I LOVE going to the beach and reading. I have 3 children who are out and about living all over the country.  I am immensely proud of my children. By children, I also include my students! I may be just a little dramatic with my praise when a student is successful with a skill. I have a crazy dog (Seamus) and cat (Fergus).  I often incorporate stories of their antics into my therapy sessions.