Mr. Meader's Room

Welcome to 6th Grade
Welcome to my classroom home page!  My name is Guy Meader and this is my eighteenth year in Augusta.  I've taught Title One Math at Gilbert & Hussey Elementary, 6th Grade Math at Farrington, 7th Grade Math & Science at Cony, and here at Gilbert for 5th & 6th grade.

This year 6th grade is piloting team teaching.  I will be teaching math, social studies, and science to all of the sixth grade students.  My partner teacher, Dan Johnston, will be teaching the language arts for all of the sixth graders.

It is our first year back full time.  We will all need some time to adjust to the new five day a week schedule.  If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to let me know!

As with previous years IXL math, a very helpful web site that helps students hone their math skills.  Every student has a log in and can access the site from home.  We will also be using MobyMax this year to help with other skill building.  In addition there will be links to our online behavior program, Classcraft, and we will rely heavily on Google Classroom this year.  For regular updates please visit my Google Web page.
To contact me you can either call me here at Gilbert(ext. 3617) or e-mail me: