Maureen Cooper First Grade

I have been teaching at Sylvio Gilbert School since 1987 and still LOVE working with children. I promise to be like a day grandmother to your child when they are in my classroom. I will teach, love, care and nurture them as if they are my own grandchildren while building their independence! I have my Masters in Literacy and am a Nationally Board Certified teacher. 
Learning is the basis for personal growth, and teaching is one opportunity to learn from others.  Students possess the desire to learn and share. They each have a unique view of the world to offer.  I encourage an exchange of ideas between my students and myself.  I always consider myself to be a student while I am teaching, so I am the best student in the room.  Students have a wealth of experiences to share, and I want my students to know that I am eager to learn from them also.  I believe that the biggest injustice that an educator can commit is to be complacent.  Every experience has something to offer us, and if we continually strive to better ourselves as a result of that experience then we are truly educators.  "The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know." - Socrates
My beliefs about students greatly influence how I teach.  Every teacher has unique experiences, attitudes about teaching methods, and views on how to teach.  I believe that all students are capable of learning.  My philosophy encompasses a variety of aspects, that combined, will create a positive, student-centered atmosphere in and out of my classroom.  I want each student to notice my enthusiasm for teaching and learning when they are a part of my class.  I work to make my classroom environment open, friendly, fun, challenging and inspiring.  I try to cultivate an innate curiosity and love of learning in my students.  I want them to discover a passion for learning.  By creating an encouraging, orderly classroom environment, involving discussions and group work, I will encourage students to become successful learners and problem solvers.  I teach with students goals and interests as part of the curriculum.  I have very positive attitudes and views, and I love working with students. It is equally important to remain open minded to new trends and techniques that may benefit our students.  An educational philosophy is not static; it changes with time and experience, and I will continually reflect, examine, and refine what I believe and why I believe it.  I believe that my philosophy and the way that I understand things will change with the knowledge that I gain.  With this change I am open to anything and my views will be flexible and as open to opinions as I can be.  I know that if my students believe that they can do anything and dream, they can conquer a new goal everyday, then I will have succeeded as a teacher in my classroom.  In conclusion, I believe that every person can walk through the door eager to learn and walk out ready to teach others with new, bright, and broad horizons.  A profession, which impacts the lives of so many people, demands nothing less than my best efforts.